Help and Lead Foundation

Help and Lead Foundation is a non-profit charitable organization set up to make the world a better place.Its purpose is to assist with charity , by supporting initiatives of benefit to the society , particularly for people with special needs who receive no support or who are inadequately funded from other sources.

Country flavours is a social enterprise. Instead of charity, we rely on proceeds from sales to fund our social development objectives. We feel that this model better reflects our entrepreneurial spirit, as well as our readiness to work in order to support ourselves and our families. Your purchases provide sustainable income and ongoing support for development opportunities for our women staff. Through our trade, we continue to evolve our cooking skills and marketing abilities, while also enriching an ever growing number of resources available to our country

While we continue to grow and evolve, we still hold to contributing to the society .Our major social development objective is to contribute to help & lead foundation which is a non profit charity trust helping the poor and needy .20 % of income from all our products is shared with Help & Lead foundation. Our hope is to see our staff become fully literate, explore their true interests and graduate more equipped to manifest their dreams, as we continue to realize our own. We ask only that you continue to support us through the purchase of country Flavours food products and by spreading the word about our work. In return, we promise to continue making traditional food products and contribute to the employment of more economically disadvantaged women and bring a major difference in their lives.

P.S. You are always welcome to visit us in our production facility. Please go to the contact us page for more information

From our hearts to yours, we thank you for your support